Awesome Goo

Awesome Goo quickly bonds various materials with a thin layer of flexible rubber-like material, perfect for shoe repair. Awesome Goo absorbs the motion, going beyond other bonding adhesives. Super Glue depends upon a rigid bond of Plexiglas. When stressed or flexed, the bond may shatter. Awesome Goo moves with you. It’s a super-man powered glue that’s flexible like rubber cement, but bonds to various materials, like metal and fabric in as little as 5 minutes or less. It’s not just glue, it’s AWESOME GOO.

“I couldn't have done it without Awesome Goo.” – Mel

Order today so you can reattach and repair,
reuse and restore your favorite items!

awesome goo

Positively Green

Awesome Goo contains no solvents or fillers. It’s made with 100% non volatile elastic resins and pigments. It does not need to be shipped as hazardous material. Since Awesome Goo contains no toluene, there is no risk of children glue sniffing. MSDS sheet is available.

awesome goo


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